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Our mission is to make sure the scientific knowledge from researchers and early start-ups goes to market and reaches patients and consumers.

We focus on engaging all stakeholders and guaranteeing full and high-level quality support in each step of the way of the innovation cycle.


Give support and advice throughout the full process of technology transfer, from protecting the invention to turning it into a valid, legal, marketable product or service.


Provide the insights and tools for a successful, market-ready product launch as well as guaranteeing sustainable growth.


Network of international venture capitalists, funding programs and industry-specialised impact investors with knowledge of the market and product cycles.

Success stories

We aim to create and build an innovation ecosystem that promotes and facilitates entrepreneurship in healthcare and beyond!
Theofilatos Konstantinos

Theofilatos Konstantinos

Dr., CTO and Technical Sales Manager of InSyBio

During the past few months that we have been working with LabToMarket, they helped us reconstruct our Marketing Plan and improve our strategy of disseminating the activities of our companies and approaching new clients. But what was even more important than this, is that they connected us with many qualified leads creating new business with our company.

Francisca Canais

Francisca Canais

Co-Founder and CEO at NeVARo

LabToMarket mentored us at Nevaro – our digital health startup. Not only they offered their advice and expertise in the healthcare field, but also opened doors to incredible valuable contacts! Their great network of contacts, enthusiasm, dynamism and knowledge really helped us catapult our growth. As founder of a startup in the healthcare field, I highly recommend LabToMarket!

Micaela Seemann Monteiro

Micaela Seemann Monteiro

Director of the National Center of TeleHealth and SNS 24, Ministry of Health

LabToMarket successfully manages stakeholder interfaces - the latter being crucial in innovation generation and implementation. We worked together in setting up Portugal 2019 eHealth Summit's Startup Village. It was a success for the startups and it was a pleasure for us to work with LabToMarket.

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